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What Do You Think?

How and Where You Can Get Feedback on Your Writing For many people, the writing process is lonely. It involves spending a lot of time in your own head, quietly focused on the story you’re trying to tell. This is a necessary part of being a writer, but that doesn’t mean you should never talk

Criminal Clichés

common problems in crime and mystery writing
Common Problems in Crime and Mystery Writing Detectives are everywhere these days. Crime novels are becoming increasingly popular and the trend has carried over into television with gusto. Crime fiction, which includes thrillers and mysteries, accounts for 25 to 40 percent of all fiction book sales. But why is the crime genre so popular? There

Tales as Old As Time

Fairy Tales
The Enduring Popularity of Fairy Tales Lately, fairy tales are everywhere in movies and on television. Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, which was released in the U.S. earlier this year, is just the latest of many fairy tale retellings and spin-offs. The 2014 remake of Into the Woods put a full cast
author website
Websites are one of the key ways people discover books. If you want readers to be able to discover your books, you need a well designed and informational author website for them to find when they search on online. That gives you visibility and provides you with an opportunity to reach out to potential readers.
popular genres
Self-publishing has had a significant impact on the book industry in the last five to ten years. Without publishing companies controlling the market, writers have had more freedom to focus on the type of books they’re interested in. There has been a shift toward genre writing and self-publishing has revitalized a number of genres that
book trailers
After you’ve self-published your book, how do you get it into the hands of readers? With millions of titles available online and in stores, you need to find strategies for connecting readers with your new book. You have to spread the word about it and catch people’s attention. This is where book promotion and book
daily writing
If you’ve been looking for tips to improve your writing, you’ve probably been advised to make a habit of daily writing. This is good advice, but many writers still don’t take the time to sit down and write even a few short paragraphs on a daily basis. If this is such great advice, why do
self-publishing packages
Self-publishing is an increasingly popular type of book publishing. Instead of signing a contract with a traditional publishing company or publishing house, the writers produce their books themselves. They take on the responsibilities of publishing in exchange for maintaining control of the entire process and many other benefits. The self-publisher is responsible for the expenses
hand writing or typing
If you write regularly, you probably already know that writing is good for your mental health and offers an important creative outlet. You also likely know that making a habit of writing can help you grow as a writer. But have you considered the way you write? Does it make a difference if you write
Fantasy writing
Few genres have readerships as large and as dedicated as fantasy. It is popular for a number of reasons, including the fact that the only limit to a fantasy book is the imagination of the writer. But the many possibilities of the fantasy genre are also one of its greatest weaknesses. Some writers end up
Promote your book
Writing your book isn’t enough. Putting it on a bookshelf in a store or making it available online also won’t do it. If you want to have success as a self-publishing author, you need to find a way to get the attention of readers so that they pick up or download your book. This is
Intellectual Property
When you’ve written a fantastic book or story, there may be people who want to plagiarize your work or sell it as their own. Thanks to the Internet and various forms of e-publishing, it’s easier than ever to plagiarize and pirate writing. This is why authors need to be careful about managing their intellectual property.
write better
The Internet is full of advice on how to write better, especially from famous and successful writers. But it can be difficult to sort through all of those tips, many of which contradict each other. So how do we know which nuggets of advice are worth our time? The editors at NWA Publishing have put
What are people talking about? What types of books do people read? What kinds of books are people searching for online? For anyone looking to publish a book, whether through self-publishing or not, it’s important to know the answer to these types of questions. The book market influences and is influenced by popular culture. If
book promotion
Book Promotion Strategies for Getting Discovered by Readers After a self-publishing author has successfully published their book, what comes next? Because of the millions of titles available online and in stores, you need to find strategies for connecting readers with your new book. You have to spread the word about it. Book promotion is essential

Do I Need a Literary Agent?

literary agent
A common question among authors considering self-publishing is, “Do I need a literary agent to self-publish my book?” The answer, many are happy to hear, is that you do not. Literary agents have a unique role in the book industry. In exchange for a percentage of your profits, an agent sends your manuscript to publishing
Book Industry
How Self-Publishing has Changed the Book Market and Industry Since the onset of self-publishing, the book industry has undergone some major changes. Here are four ways that the popularity and success of skipping traditional publishing has transformed the book market and indeed the entire book industry. With the onset of self-publishing, a much larger number
Most authors are aware of ISBNs and the rest of the alphabet soup that goes on the first few pages of a published book, but few realize how important these numbers are until they begin the self-publishing process. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the slightly less popular but still useful Library of Congress

Judging Covers: Book Covers Matter

book covers
Book covers matter. They are the first impression readers have of a book, whether online or in a bookstore. Picture yourself scrolling through lists of books available for sale online. You’ve probably done this recently. You pay attention to key pieces of information like the title, the author, the price, shipping options, ratings… but you’ll
copy editing
Not many people will continue reading a book that is full of mistakes and typos. This is because errors diminish the readability and overall quality of the book. Fortunately, this type of problem is easily remedied by a qualified copy editor. Unlike editors who provide content editing, which deals with things like plot and character