These days, writers who want to get their book published have options. Traditional publishing is still a popular choice, but many are now turning to self-publishing instead.  While the result of traditional publishing and self-publishing is the same—a published book—there are significant differences between them that will affect your decision to pursue one or the
E-books have become an increasingly popular option for self-publishing authors. Thanks to a rapidly growing worldwide market for e-books, and a large number of online venues for selling and buying e-books, your books are only a couple of clicks away from over one billion potential readers with their tablets, laptops, e-readers, and smart phones. Even

Editing the Big Picture

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 by
content editing
The self-publishing industry is full of copy editors and discussions about how to get the most out of copy editing. But what those discussions often fail to point out is that copyediting is the second step of the editing process. The first step is ideally content editing, which is about the structure and content of

Do I Really Need an Author Website?

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 by
author website
“Do I really need to have an author website?” This is a question many self-publishers ask and, while having an author website is not for everyone, the answer is almost always, “Yes, you do.” Having a website requires time and energy, but is a proven way to promote and sell your books. A recent study
using book recommendation sites
When you send your manuscript to a publishing company for consideration, it goes into a pile with thousands of other unsolicited manuscripts. Publishers call this stack the “slush pile,” which says a great deal about the chances of your manuscript getting noticed and, more importantly, getting published. The slush pile is just one reason why

The Power of Goodreads

Friday, 12 June 2015 by
using book recommendation sites
If Goodreads isn’t already part of your book promotion strategy, it needs to be. With 40 million users, the massively popular book recommendation website is an unquestionably powerful tool for self-publishers. By interacting with members, getting reviews, and sharing media on your profile, you can use Goodreads to promote your book directly to readers. Because